Democrat Rhetoric Kills

Prologue: The NRA doesn’t kill kids; Planned Parenthood does

Recent mass shooting democrat talking points is “Trump rhetoric” empowers “white nationalist terrorism”. As usual, this is projection. Actually, the entire “Trump and his supporters caused these shootings through hateful rhetoric aimed at immigrants and religious groups and by supporting the NRA which kills kids!” fails on every level. It’s projection. All of it. Throw in mental illness and what we see is a pattern of this projection carried out by some sick, twisted, sometimes lost people who have fallen prey to a Hitler type level of brainwashing.

To start, James O’Keefe recorded various democrat operatives on undercover camera bragging about how they cheat to “win” elections”. Another area covered involved their use of the “mentally ill” to carry out hate crimes in hopes of dragging non-democrat voters into fights in order to record them, edit deceptively, and make THEM look bad.  From Oct 2016-> “Scott Foval, the now former national field director for Americans United for Change, describes in one video how he convinces people to do ‘conflict engagement’ at rallies for the GOP presidential nominee. ‘We have mentally ill people who we pay to do shit, make no mistake,’ he says.” Foval also said he wanted his hires to be attacked at Trump events. This has happened numerous times at various “marches”, Antifa rallies, outside Trump rallies, recently inside Trump rallies…it never ends. Democrats incite violence daily to scare citizens into compliance.  They call Trump “Hitler” and “Nazi” as they engage in Hitler’s Gestapo tactics. They admittedly use mentally ill people to do it.  Projection.

Let’s look at the circumstances surrounding the “Garlic Festival Shooter” aka Santino William Legan. According to The Hill, “Three people were killed and more than a dozen were injured Sunday when a suspect, who police say was Legan, opened fire on the Gilroy Garlic Festival”. Media was all over this since they could claim there was “white supremacist literature” found where he lived. The term “white supremacist” is the next step up from “Islamophobia” which was a step up from “racist”.  Anything to keep the language that keeps white Americans in the public political crosshairs from getting stale will be used. Consider the “white supremacist” literature found at his residence was written in 1890…the NINTEENTH CENTURY…and is described as “celebrated” across the “radical right because of its advocacy for social Darwinism along racial lines” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Keep in mind the SPLC is itself a hate group.  It has a long history of promoting hate against the exact groups they claim to support. The ‘hate list’ it now features predominantly conservative Christian groups. It’s a political hit job. Additionally, its founder, Morris Dees, was thrown out of the group this year for being bigoted and discriminatory.  Projection.  Regardless, the shooter’s Instagram caption read, “Read ‘Might Is Right’ by Ragnar Redbeard…Why overcrowd towns and pave more open space to make room for hordes of mestizos and Silicon Valley white twats?” “White twats”? Some “white supremacist”.  Overpopulation? That is a “progressive” talking point that comes from the “climate” hysteria currently espoused by AOC, Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders.  Think of the tens of millions of kids who were indoctrinated with this hysteria when they were forced to watch Al Gore’s factually incorrect “An Inconvenient Truth” in “science” class during middle school.  That is a whole lot of potential for “radicalized” individuals like this kid.  These points are not the only ones that undermined the whole “Trump (not Legan) endorses white supremacy” narrative. Legan’s family history undermines it, too.

After a search of Legan’s apartment, FBI agents and deputies with the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada also retrieved “a bulletproof vest, gas mask, empty ammo boxes, gun pamphlets, an empty bottle of Valium, and the letter from ‘Virginia’.” Valium is a controlled substance used to treat, among other disorders, anxiety. Side effects are listed as “Can cause paranoid or suicidal ideation and impair memory, judgment, and coordination.”  Mentally ill? “Virginia” could be “a reference to Santino’s maternal grandmother, Virginia Holden, who now goes by Virginia Prcic and lives in Southern California. Prcic is the adopted daughter of the actor William Holden and actress Brenda Marshall (real name Ardis Ankerson).  Media attempted to jump on Holden’s lifelong friendship with Hollywood actor/Governor of California conservative icon eventual President Ronald Reagan as “right wing influence” over generations of the Holden family. However, information came to light that Virginia married an Iranian-born University of TexasCalifornia Lutheran University, & UCLA economics professor Ali Ashgar Vahabzadeh, who, according to Legan, “anglicized” his name to Ali O. Baylor.  Virginia and Ali’s daughter Ardis Baylor is Santino’s mother. She was taken from her house on July 30th in handcuffs. No idea as to why or what has happened since.  His adopted great grandfather might have been a Reagan pal, but his grandfather, who was one of three pictures on Santino’s Instagram, was, as an Iranian source said, “Anybody who idolizes Ali Asghar – Legan’s grandfather’s namesake – would view themselves as a Shia zealot to Islam.” Between his references to “anglicizing” his grandfather’s name and the “white twat” reference above, it seems Legan had issues with white people. He didn’t elevate them.  It would be interesting to find out the Islam based materials found in his residence to see just how much of a “radicalizing” factor they played. Doesn’t fit the narrative, though.  In addition, the FBI has come out against this shooter being labeled a “white supremacist” since, according to special agent in charge of the FBI San Francisco, the shooter “compiled a target list that included federal buildings & courthouses”.  Doesn’t fit the narrative; therefore, media has dropped it.

A few days later, on August 3, 2019, a mass shooting occurred at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas.  A lone gunman named Patrick Crusius killed 22 people and injured 24 others. Democrats pounced on the supposed manifesto left behind by the shooter to once again use their “white supremacist” tag because he was supposedly worried about the illegal immigrant invasion at our border.  Regardless, most of the people he killed were white, making him the worst white supremacist ever.  In addition, his manifesto absolves Trump specifically while blaming “progressive’ “climate change” policies like “overpopulation” and “automation.  He’s another Al Gore indoctrinated climate hysteria kid.  He also supports the very “progressive” universal basic income. Nothing “right wing” about any of this. From his manifesto:

“My ideology has not changed for several years. My opinions on automation, immigration, and the rest predate Trump and his campaign for president. I put this in here because some people will blame the President or certain presidential candidates for the attack. This is not the case….I know that the media will probably call me a white supremacist anyway and blame Trump’s rhetoric. The media is infamous for fake news. Their reaction to this attack will likely just confirm that….

The inconvenient truth is that our leaders, both Democrat AND Republican, have been failing us for decades. They are either complacent or involved in one of the biggest betrayals of the American public in our history. The takeover of the United States government by unchecked corporations.”

Additionally, his Twitter feed shows him mocking Trump, and his family seems to align themselves with Marianne Williamson since 2014. Democrats say this kid is a “Trump supporting white supremacist”. Projection. His actions show just the opposite.

As for mental illness, Crusius’s Dad Bryan is a long time addict:  “The therapist detailed how he was a veteran user of hallucinogens by age 16, and progressed to benzodiazepines, anti-depressants – including Vicodin – and prescription drugs commonly prescribed for people with ADHD.” Anyone who grew up with drugs around and/or an addict for a parent understands how it negatively affects children. 

The next day, August 4th, Dayton-Connor Bettes opened fire at the entrance of Ned Peppers Bar in the downtown Oregon Historic District of Dayton, killing 31, one of them his sister.  Democrats frothed at the mouth. Two mass shootings in 24 hours? OMG THEY HAD THE NRA NOW! They immediately began fundraising off these tragedies while falsely attacking Trump on every platform imaginable.  However, as with the prior two shootings where the cases can be made they were radicalized by the democrat party scare tactics, the Dayton shooter was a lot more direct.  He is a product of democrat & fake news media radical indoctrination.

First off, Dayton is a “progressive” city. Female mayor who hates Trump. In March, “Dayton school board members approved a resolution Tuesday night supporting immigrant students, including those here illegally, despite concerns from one board member who questioned the need and timing of the issue. Two state lawmakers condemned the board action, which they said made Dayton a sanctuary district when it should focus solely on improving its academic performance.” This kid grew up surrounded by democrat hate. His parents’ social media accounts are active. Their names are Moira and Steve Betts. On Facebook, his mom posted a graphic that declared “stop the alt right.” Mom’s Facebook likes are a bastion of “progressivism” from Obama to Liz Warren. Betts’ father posted about net neutrality. He also shared a video that criticized the rhetoric of President Donald Trump. Dad’s Facebook could be found hereDad’s likes consist of
Neil deGrasse Tyson, George Takei, Richard Dawkins, and ironically Everytown Gun Control.

Connor took his parents lead.  On his now suspended Twitter page, reviewed by Heavy, he described himself as “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / i’m going to hell and i’m not coming back.” He wrote on Twitter that he would happily vote for Democrat Elizabeth Warren, praised Satan, was upset about the 2016 presidential election results, and added, “I want socialism, and i’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round to understanding…Vote blue for Gods sake”. He also expressed support for “the squad”.

In fact, he praised ICE-attacking terrorist Will Van Spronsen, whose manifesto repeated many standard Democratic talking points about the border crisis and other issues. Van Spronsen cited “popular left-wing historian Howard Zinn, said that ‘I am antifa,’ criticized the Electoral College and accused the U.S. of running ‘concentration camps’ on the border, using a term usually reserved for Nazi Germany’s death camps, but introduced in the border-security debate last month by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.” Seems AOC, Liz Warren and democrats in general use “hate speech” to incite violence, not Trump.  As for Antifa, it, too, is a projection. It is not ‘anti fascists”. They ARE fascists.  They hold/attend rallies to physically assault anyone who does not agree with their political platform. Their most recent attack was on homosexual minority (Asian) reporter Andy Ngo in Portland, OR.  This attack received little attention from the media. Guess why?  As for Connor, he attended an Antifa rally in May. This kid was radicalized by every aspect of the democrat platform.

In addition to his hate indoctrination, information also is coming to light that the Dayton killer had mental issues long before the shooting. For instance, he “was expelled from school after officials found a notebook where he reportedly wrote a list of people who he wanted to rape, kill and skin their bodies.” His ex-girlfriend said she saw “red flags”.  She said he would show her videos of mass shootings and was suicidal at times.  No information as to whether or not he was on meds or not or whether he was treated for any of this. If that information comes to light, it will be added here.

As politicians use these tragedies to undermine our gun rights and push yet more manufactured Trump hate, remember who is ultimately to blame in these situations…the shooter. That is it.  However, democrats made these rules where projection is used to deflect their influence on these situations onto innocent people. Therefore, we must push back.  If we want to stop “gun violence”, we need to ban democrats from owing guns.

A list of media participation will occurred and be linked here once it is established.  Both pieces will be updated with information as it is uncovered. 

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