RED is the color of FREEDOM and the pursuit of LIBERTY!

Two thousand years ago, when Caesar died, a red Phrygian cap from a freed slave was placed atop a pole in Rome.  Caesar had overstepped the authority of the Senate and betrayed the Republic.  Rome had become a tyranny. The red cap on the pole was a symbol to the Roman people they had been … More RED is the color of FREEDOM and the pursuit of LIBERTY!

Pledge of Allegiance

Inspired by a series of Tweets exchanged regarding memories of having to recite the Declaration of Independence with some of the members of the Red Nation Rising social community, it felt fitting to post the Pledge of Allegiance.  On a Saturday. Honor it Every Day When we were young, we used to recite the Pledge … More Pledge of Allegiance

Independence THEN, Independence NOW

Let’s roll!  Regardless if you own a gun this image just nails it. We are a #RedNationRising.  Let’s rise for freedom. One Tweet Can Change The World → Unite. Stand strong.  Roll. As we approach the Fourth of July, thank you, always, for supporting Red Nation Rising. – @JimLysaght Let’s roll! Twitter: @RedNationRising Web: … More Independence THEN, Independence NOW