Trump Takes–and Thanks–Pennsylvania

Last week, I attended Donald Trump’s “Thank You” rally in Hershey, PA.  Admittedly, I was/am a Ted Cruz girl.   Once he left the primary and I realized non-conservative Trump still led the pack, I quickly jumped on the “Never Trump” bandwagon. Throughout the summer, though, and then once he got the official nomination in July, … More Trump Takes–and Thanks–Pennsylvania

Twitter Resources for the #GOPDebate

The Second Republican Primary Debate is tonight, Wednesday, September 16, 2015.  It’s YOUR duty to watch or at least read up and wake people up!  To that end, here’s some debate information and Twitter resources… Debate Times: 6pm ET / 3pm PT – #HappyHourDebate Candidates: @RickSantorum, @BobbyJindal, @GovernorPataki, @LindseyGrahamSC 8pm ET / 5pm PT – Primetime … More Twitter Resources for the #GOPDebate

Happy Father’s Day 2015 From #RedNationRising (with cool music vids)

Thanks to Oxford’s English Dictionary for defining “hero” as a person admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.  Well, WORDS MEAN THINGS, and based on those attributes, my Dad is a hero. You’re The Best, Dad It’s Fathers Day!  Irrespective of your particular relationship with your father, he’s a hero and ultimately, … More Happy Father’s Day 2015 From #RedNationRising (with cool music vids)

Rivera’s Midnight Ride from NJ to DC for #CPAC2015

Is Julio Rivera the “Red Nation Rising” Rican Revere? YES!  Last night. Julio, self-described ConservaRican (Conservative Puerto Rican) left New Jersey at midnight and traveled all night to attend CPAC to warn the attendees “The Blue Dems are coming!  The Blue dems are coming!” Call it “Rivera’s Midnight Ride” in a nod to Paul Revere, … More Rivera’s Midnight Ride from NJ to DC for #CPAC2015