Democrat Rhetoric Kills

Prologue: The NRA doesn’t kill kids; Planned Parenthood does Recent mass shooting democrat talking points is “Trump rhetoric” empowers “white nationalist terrorism”. As usual, this is projection. Actually, the entire “Trump and his supporters caused these shootings through hateful rhetoric aimed at immigrants and religious groups and by supporting the NRA which kills kids!” fails … More Democrat Rhetoric Kills

The Border: Not a “Manufactured Crisis”

Find below the list of specific examples that prove the need for a border wall is not a “manufactured crisis”. Child trafficking, human trafficking, drug trafficking, the opioid crisis, rapes of our women and children, murder of our citizens, the return of long dormant fatal diseases….they are listed here. This list will change daily as … More The Border: Not a “Manufactured Crisis”

The Clooneys: Enemies of Democracy

The “Refugee Crisis” We know that the Clooneys, the Clintons, and the globalists are using the “refugee crisis” to facilitate the downfall of sovereign nations in exchange for a 1% global governance via the UN.  That the masses cannot see how remains a mystery.  “Human rights” and “humanitarianism” have been their siren calls to force … More The Clooneys: Enemies of Democracy

The Clooneys: Enemies of Democracy

The Clooney Twins    The UN Frankenbaby announcement arrived. Yes, Amal Clooney is supposedly pregnant with George Clooney’s twins. Actually if she is pregnant, which is highly doubtful, these kids belong to their globalist handlers of the UN. Vartan Gregorian, George Soros and the others who financially support George Clooney through his “humanitarian” projects as … More The Clooneys: Enemies of Democracy