Democrat Rhetoric Kills

Prologue: The NRA doesn’t kill kids; Planned Parenthood does Recent mass shooting democrat talking points is “Trump rhetoric” empowers “white nationalist terrorism”. As usual, this is projection. Actually, the entire “Trump and his supporters caused these shootings through hateful rhetoric aimed at immigrants and religious groups and by supporting the NRA which kills kids!” fails … More Democrat Rhetoric Kills

The Border: Not a “Manufactured Crisis”

Find below the list of specific examples that prove the need for a border wall is not a “manufactured crisis”. Child trafficking, human trafficking, drug trafficking, the opioid crisis, rapes of our women and children, murder of our citizens, the return of long dormant fatal diseases….they are listed here. This list will change daily as … More The Border: Not a “Manufactured Crisis”

March For Our Lives Propaganda

How fraudlent is the #MarchForOurLives #March4OurLives ? Consider the faces of the “movement” with their $500K donation are #georgeclooney and “human rights attorney” #amalclooney. They’re so upset about our #ChildrenUnderAttack that “we” need to #dosomething about my guns.   In fact, word on the street is that their twins #ellaclooney and #alexanderclooney are scheduled to … More March For Our Lives Propaganda

Kamehameha Schools-Obama’s Sex Scandal

With all the “charities” revealing themselves as breeding grounds for rapists and pedophiles, let’s remember who was in charge during most of them (Haiti, South Sudan, Congo)…Barack Obama. Seems he’s got direct ties to his own sex scandal out in Hawaii. Thread from @chillum: “Kamehameha School in Honolulu, Hawaii, a school on that receives billions … More Kamehameha Schools-Obama’s Sex Scandal

Social Justice Kills

Social Justice Kills Enough. I have had enough “social justice” justified hate. It’s now killing our kids. Democrats need to get their justified hate under control or be recognized as the terror group they are. Far too long “regular Americans” have been shamed into silence for supporting the sovereignty of our nation. Pre-Obama most of … More Social Justice Kills