Paula Dean, Alec Baldwin and a Creepy Cracker

Briefly, because this slant deserves little time. I’m sure you’ve noticed that some public figures can use whatever language, commit whatever social offense, even threaten violence, while others commit similar acts and immediately become a social and professional pariah. Even if that act was committed 30 years ago.

So what are the differences? How might one become one of the special set allowed to fully exercise their 1st Amendment rights?

  • Be a progressive, current layman’s term: liberal
  • Attack conservatives, especially Republicans
  • Promote and embrace every nanny state ideal conceived
  • Attack Christians
  • Attack America

Recently we’ve seen this demonstrated with Paula Dean. We should call this phenomenon SWWAS (Speaking while white and southern. It doesn’t matter how, when, or why she spoke that word. She’s southern. Millions of people say it every day, but thirty years ago is to recent for a southern woman. Alec Baldwin on the other hand can issue death threats, grounds for a restraining order, in real time on Twitter with zero consequences.

So how do you become part of the pariah class that, with each utterance no matter how meaningless, is at risk of saying the wrong word?

  • Be a black conservative – which they seem to hate most of all
  • Be white
  • Be conservative
  • Seem like a Republican, even if you’re not/conservative independent
  • Be Christian
  • Be southern

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