Who We Are

Grass Roots Growth!

It all started a few days after the 2012 Election with a Tweet from Red Nation Rising founder @JimLysaght who started a trending tweet from the @NObamaChat Twitter handle which has brought many Patriots together. Red Nation Rising is changing this nation and making a difference. #RedNationRising #RNR

We are you, you are us, and we’re all in this together.

Purpose and Philosophy


  • Uniting Centrist, Conservative and Libertarian groups under one flag. Red, because that’s the assigned conservative color by the MSM on the Electoral Map. It’s time to realize we must find common ground to compete with Blue Democrats.
  • Taking a stand for liberty and the Constitution. The Bill of Rights was created to protect us from exactly what we are seeing evolved now: capital city boom-town, federal autocracy earning twice the national average, imperial presidents who use self-imposed powers to skirt the Constitution, assaults on our individual freedoms. They are a #BlueMenace
  • Be inclusive and social – not just no labels, but ALL labels. As the opposition moves further to the left and are more emboldened, they give us no choice to to band together, stand, and fight!




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