House Passes TPA on the Back of Federal Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters

Everyone knows Congress is capable of shady dealings; however, their latest shenanigans demonstrate we’re in desperate need of new leadership on the Hill. For weeks, Republicans, along with the White House have been pushing for so-called Fast-Track on an upcoming trade deal. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPA) can only move forward if Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) passes the Senate. It failed miserably June 12th. In a procedural showboat vote, Speaker Boehner put the vote to the floor and it passed 217-209.

On the afternoon of June 18th, the House voted, and passed, Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) in a stand-alone bill without Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), sending it back to the Senate for approval. How, you ask? Here’s the super-sneaky, downright despicable, end round Speaker Boehner, Paul Ryan and others decided to use in order to pass the highly unpopular, TPA Bill.

According to GovTrack Insider, “House leaders separated the TPA from the TAA this week by moving TPA into H.R. 2146, a bill about the retirement funds of federal law enforcement officers and firefighters. The old provisions of the bill were retained when TPA was added to the end of this bill. This combined bill now goes to the Senate.

(In fact, it goes back to the Senate. H.R. 2146 had previously passed the House and the Senate, but the Senate passed it with a technical change —see summary. Rather than concurring in the Senate’s technical change, the House added TPA.)

The Senate will now have to decide whether to approve the House’s addition of TPA to H.R. 2146. But this is a removal of TAA from the original package deal. Senate Democrats may balk, but they may not have the numbers to vote the bill down.”

Speaker Boehner knew the Senate couldn’t pass TAA, consequently he decided to pull a fast one on Senate Democrats, along with 65 – 70% of Americans who want no part of this monstrosity! If anyone voted no, they’d be voting against law enforcement and firefighter’s retirement pensions! See how that works? Throw in a tag-a-long on a bill that must be approved and Voila! Aim, shoot and the crooked, little twits score. There you have it folks – The leader of the GOP majority we voted, in playing dirty politics and passing unpopular legislation against the will of the American people. American sovereignty be damned!

Disclaimer: This video contains language inappropriate for young children and may be offensive to others.

Boehner knew TPA was dead if he and his colleagues didn’t pull a fast one…and quick! Lyin’ Paul Ryan tried his best to convince Americans and media news outlets misperceptions about TPA were running rampant. Let’s just say his performance was less than convincing, especially after days of contradictions went viral on Twitter. I’ll give him an E for effort and P for Pathetic. No mention of the upcoming, underhanded plan to bypass TAA in order to pass TPA. This speech was for show and nothing more. Take a look for yourself if you can stomach it. Warning: You might choke on the mere mention of the word, transparency.

In an interview with NPR, Lyin’ Paul Ryan had this to say,

TPA strengthens transparency and accountability in future trade agreements:

“What we are demanding and insisting on in Trade Promotion Authority is not only that Members of Congress have full access to anything that’s classified for the moment, but once an agreement is actually reached between countries, that agreement must be made public, in totality, for sixty days, for the public to see before a President can even sign an agreement. And when he signs it, he simply sends it to Congress, and then Congress spends a minimum of thirty days, after sixty days, looking at the agreement, considering the agreement. The reason some things are classified right now is negotiations—you don’t want to go into negotiations at any level, whether it’s private transactions, or government-to-government, with all your cards face up. That’s just the nature of negotiations.”

Funny, Ryan brought up the issue of privacy. The super-secret, TPP trade deal, that’s not really a trade deal, that’s really a trade deal in disguise. Is your head spinning yet? Even George Bush made his trade deals open to the public. There was never a closed door room where one must have a security clearance to enter and read the ‘not secret’ secret trade deal. There’s a reason TAA didn’t pass. There’s also a reason ‘We the People’ don’t want TPP. TPA doesn’t provide transparency to the American people or Congress. It gives the President authority to Fast-Track trade legislation before we even know what’s in it!

Come on!! What do these people take us for? Morons? Do they honestly think we don’t pay attention or believe everything we’re told, simply because it came out of their mouths? I’ve got news for you Mr. Speaker, Paul Ryan and all you other simpletons who think you know what’s best for 65% of Americans who oppose this crap legislation; we’re not sheep! We do pay attention! Rest assured when election time rolls around, it won’t be a repeat of 2014. You have betrayed your constituents for the last time! If you didn’t hear us before, you will hear us now!

I know you read our tweets, emails and heard our pleas begging you to vote no on TPA. For those of you who listened, thank you….For those of you who didn’t; You’re no different than the Democrats you claim to oppose. Attaching TPA onto a law enforcement and firefighter pension bill – A ‘must pass’ bill because you knew TAA wouldn’t pass?! That’s lower than low. You’re pathetic and remember this – your job isn’t permanent! Here’s a few words from a group of your constituents:

@RedNationRising: Is this how an elected body of the people BY the people is supposed to operate? The American people have lost all confidence in Speaker John Boehner & we’re calling for a ‘No Confidence Vote’.

@RNRIndiana: I think it’s a statement to the American people that career politicians will do what’s best to serve themselves. It was dirty politics at its best! When it comes time to vote, we will remember which ones betrayed our stance.

@RNRPennsylvania: It’s obvious that US Congress does not represent we the people. They are career politicians with their own agendas to capitalize at our expense.

@RNROhio: It’s disheartening to see those that we have elected to represent us in Congress defiantly go against the known will of the people. Sadly, what was once a sporadic and rare occurrence is becoming the norm in DC. However, we are a people undeterred. We will remember and we WILL act to have an accountable government on every level.

@RNRTexas: Speaker John Boehner is a sellout and a true Obama, K Street lackey! We need to tweet his life miserable every day! You forget the people you represent! All states need to put forth legislation that will allow for recall elections when elected officials lie to and defy the people!

There needs to be an end to all Congressional pensions. I lost my pension 18 years ago. All we get is a 401k. What makes you so special? If it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for Congress!

@RNROklahoma: Why don’t any of our elected officials listen to “We the People”? We elect them and their votes go to the highest bidder; who will line their pockets! In a real job, one would get fired for taking bribes. These people who are supposed to represent us, do as they please once elected.

I think there should be annual elections so we can get rid of those who refuse to listen to the people who elected them. I bet they’d pay more attention to us then! Maybe we’d actually have a voice in DC.

@RNRNorthCarolina: Who in this country gets one job for life? Why should politicians be any different? How will she handle special interest groups?

Oh, if you can’t quite put your finger on who we are? We’re Red Nation Rising! 500 Million Twitter Impressions on our #KillTPA Twitter Campaign in TWELVE hours on Wednesday alone. Can you hear us now?

Hey Speaker Boehner! Remember this? We do!!

Mark Levin says it best right here! GOP sell-outs!

Tom Cole, Oklahoma isn’t happy with you. How did you vote again? Yeah…not with your constituents. Good luck on your next election.

It’s not looking good for Speaker Boehner and Ol’ McCarthy. You two best prepare for a primary. Oh, and Mr. Speaker, a ‘No Confidence Vote’ might be in your future. Good luck with that.

Well Judy, It’s because the GOP has taken advantage of the majority we handed them in 2014. Instead of doing as they promised, they caved to President Obama at nearly every turn, while preparing agendas of their own. They’ve forgotten their place! They’ve forgotten who elected them and who they’re supposed to represent. I think it’s time we remind them.

Environmental Control…A little something Congress conveniently leaves out when discussing TPP.

Oh look! Someone else calling for John Boehner to be recalled.

You see, we’re not sheep. We pay attention!

Great question! Congress should look up Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3, of the US Constitution. They’re giving authority from the Legislative branch to the Executive branch. But who am I? A lowly constituent who served my country and swore an oath to defend the very same Constitution. What do I know?

Congress has got to hate this. Wikileaks spoiling all of your secrecy! Foiling your plans! Tear jerking really…

This is the million dollar question from both conservative and democrat voters… What’s the rush? If it’s so great, we should have a say! Period! THIS is why we don’t trust a word that comes out of your lying mouths! I’m talking to you, Speaker Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Steve Scalise! Mr. Scalise, your turn’s coming soon.

From me to my Senator, with love… Do the right thing, Mitch! Listen to your constituents for once and shoot down TPA!

Sell-out Boehner needs to go! Bye Felicia!

I’m holding back tears…

Pennsylvania’s none too happy with you either.

It’s not nice to tick off a Southern Belle…

Oops! Eric Cantor them all? I second that!

Crying towels!! This one had me laughing…However, Mr. Speaker, I suggest you take it very seriously.

Congressman Steve Scalise…It’s your turn. What you’ve done is nothing short of tyranny. Three members booted from GOP Whip Team as ‘leaders’ crack down? Crack down on what you ask? Wait for it… These three members of Congress voted no on TAA. First, I’d like to applaud these three defenders of the people for representing their constituents – Reps. Cynthia Lummis, Steve Pearce, and Trent Franks. Thank you! Next, shame on you Representative Scalise for using coercion and mafia tactics to strong-arm your colleagues into doing your bidding. You’re not fit to serve the office or title you hold!

If I learned anything from my career in the military, it’s that repercussions for doing the right thing will not be tolerated. Granted, it did happen, but as a US Navy Chief, I made it my mission to minimize it as much as possible. Wrong is wrong! And you Mr. Scalise, are wrong! You exhibit the lowest form of sleaze-bag leadership I’ve seen in quite some time. You fit right in with Boehner, McConnell and Ryan. In fact, you might be worse; I haven’t decided yet. I’ll let the American people decide. Enjoy the majority we handed you in 2014. I can guarantee your election in 2016 won’t come as easy. The people of Louisiana see you for what you really are. I suggest you straighten up; start working for the people who elected you and not for yourself. At this point, you’re nothing short of an embarrassment…a little man, throwing perceived power around in order to intimidate fellow members of Congress. Guess what? You don’t intimidate me or any of the other American people you serve.

Looks yummy, Mr. Scalise.

The American people have spoken and you didn’t listen! Not only did you tune us out, you fired three members of your team for having the integrity to vote no! Shame on you!

There is no difference. We were Pelosi’d by the very people we entrusted to reign in our government.

I’ve received feedback from all over the US regarding the shady, backdoor deals our elected officials are attempting behind the backs of the American people. Some of which I’ve included above, and others a bit too colorful for this article.

I have a few words for all Congressional leaders. It’s time you do as promised or risk losing your job in the near future. We didn’t elect you to continue President Obama’s failed policies or to give him more executive authority. We elected you to stop executive overreach of power, reign in government spending and most importantly, stop President Obama from further damaging our great country! You swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. I suggest you buy a pocket Constitution for reference or brush up on the articles your clearly violating. You have a responsibility to the American people and right now, you’re failing miserably!

I want my country back! I want the America I once knew not too long ago. Do the job you were elected to do or you will be replaced! This I promise you.

First published on The Liberty Eagle

Angela is a contributor to The Liberty Eagle and Rebooting Liberty

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