Casamigos Collusion?

Casamigos trio

Trump’s first year brought forth the billion dollar sale of George Clooney, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman ‘s Casamigos Tequila.  With ties to Hollywood’s assault/rape problem, corrupt democrats, Russiagate, and just about every other political event being uncovered right now, a look at patterns in this arrangement over a chronologically stated period of time make it appear more than the “House of Friends” it seems.

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When reading this, one must have background knowledge of the players involved, most notably George and Amal Clooney, and how they relate to Trump, Clinton, Obama, Russiagate, Pedogate, & almost every other ongoing political story.  Here is a background on Clooney’s history of corruption.  Here is another piece on his “Collusion” with everything that came out up to and just after the election regarding Russiagate, McCain, Ukraine, etc. With all that has recently come out, it needs updating badly.

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What about the other two guys? Rande Gerber is presented as Clooney’s best friend. He is currently married to Richard Gere’s ex-wife, Cindy Crawford and is Dad to family proclaimed “model of the moment” 16 year old Kaia Gerber. He is also a former Donald Trump employee. Mike Meldman, Jerry Weintraub protégé, runs “kid friendly” resorts for the ultrarich…the 1% of top 1%.  He is an admitted “adult frat boy”. All of them are tied to democrat Clooney’s corruption including child trafficking and pedoRphila through “humanitarian efforts”. This issue will come up here but not pursued. It is highly disturbing and needs more research.  A separate piece on that later.

In 1979, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, an international luxury hotel and resort company operating 21 properties in 12 countries, owned by Hong Kong based New World Development, was founded by Caroline Rose Hunt, daughter of oil tycoon H.L. Hunt.  Several years later, in 1985 in a seemingly unrelated matter, Trump purchases Mar-a-Lago from Dina Merrill’s mother, Marjorie Post. Fast forward a few years to 1991.  Per, Rande Gerber’s The Whisky at the Paramount opened this year.  Maria Ferrar, George’s cousin(?), is Director of Human Resources.  Then on December 12, 1991 Cindy Crawford married Richard Gere.

In 1992 businessman Frank Giustra and Gary Goddard produce “Sunset Grill”.  In a seeming unrelated act in the same yer, businessman Tim Blixseth, husband to Edra, gets a literal act of Congress and President Bill Clinton’s help to complete his land deal for the Yellowstone Club in Montana.

Several major events in this timeline occur between 1994-1995.  In 1994 Discovery Land Company, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based developer and operator of exclusive but “kid friendly” private residential communities and clubs in North America, is founded by Michael Meldman. The Discovery Land Company foundation’s main focus is “funding foster-care facilities and creating programs to provide employment and encouragement for at-risk youth.”  In 1995, Third Point LLC is founded by Daniel Loeb.  That same year, Meldman’s Estancia Club opens in Scottsdale, AZ. Finally, on December 1, 1995 Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere divorce.

In 1996. Elle Macpherson,  ambassador to Bono’s RED charity, began a relationship with Arpad Busson  a London-based French financier who founded & chairs ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) and raises money for Clinton charities including AIDS victims in Africa.  Then on June 20, 1997 Clooney’s Batman and Robin was released in the U.S. with Elle Macpherson.  The following month, on July 3, 1997 Goddard pal Frank Giustra founded the Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation (doing business as Lionsgate) as an American, Canadian domiciled entertainment company. Then on Sept 26, 1997 the first U. S. film release by Dreamworks, The Peacemaker starring Clooney and Nicole Kidman took place. Dreamworks was headed by Jeffrey Kratzenberg, David Geffen & Steven Speilberg.  Nicole Kidman was married to Scientologist Tom Cruise and her father, Anthony Kidman, died among child abuse allegations, and Sebastian Roche, ex-husband of Vera Farmiga who supports CAPE.

In 1998CIA Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery became partner to Warren Trepp and Wayne Prim to develop and sell audio, video, and data compression software under the banner eTreppid Technologies.  As Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of eTreppid, Montgomery led the company’s efforts to develop the company’s software and promote it to government agencies associated with tracking terrorist activities.  Also in 1998, on May 29, Rande Gerber married Cindy Crawford

Then there are several more key events in the late 1990’s. First, the Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) was founded by Marc Collins Rector and his partner Chad Shackley. By 1999, the company was reportedly valued at $58 million and included former Walt Disney President David Neuman, Garth Ancier, David Geffen, Gary Goddard, and Bryan Singer as investors. Also during this time, Meldman established the CordeValle Golf Club in Santa Clara County, CA. Nancy Pelosi invested approximately a million dollars into the club. Many palms were then greased for permits. In Feb of 1999, Jim Ritts resigned as commissioner of the LPGA to become chairman of DEN.

Ritts bio

Then on June 21, 1999 Lions Gate Limited Partnership filed as a Foreign in the State of California. A foreign filing is when an existing corporate entity files in a state other than the one they originally filed in. This does not necessarily mean that they are from outside the United States. Meanwhile, in Cliven Bundy voiced concerns for President Bill Clinton establishing Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument. He called it a land grab, telling the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “The terrible thing about it is there is private property, customs and lifestyles” at stake. Seems a Chinese solar company with ties to Sen. Harry Reid’s son wanted the land for an energy plant.  Obama appointed Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro said she would not remove herself from the criminal case stemming from the 2014 armed standoff with law enforcement near Bunkerville.  She also also denied another request by Bundy to be released from federal custody. This pattern comes up again later.

A new millennium begins!  In 2000 Meldman’s CordeValle Golf Club and Resort opened. This resort is one of Nancy Pelosi’s largest investments in partnership with Giustra’s Lions Gate Limited. Meldman’s Iron Horse Golf Club , an 18 hole course, opened this year. It is a private course located in Whitefish, MT. The 18 hole course opened in 2000. On Feb 29, 2000 DEN’s Jim Ritts was named President of PRIMEDIA Broadband Video and President of Channel One; he was co-founder in 1989.  Channel One Networks is the largest source of news and information for teenagers in the United States. As for Rande, he went to battle with this former mentor, Ian Schrager, of Studio 54 fame. It, “wasn’t the first time Schrager picked a fight with one of his golden-boy protégés…(or) sicced his lawyers on Gerber, who court papers alleged was but a ‘male model & a real estate broker’ before Mr. Schrager gave him his break.”

Events of the next several years involve Eric Schmidt taking over as CEO of Google and Meldman’s Mirabel Golf Club opening in December in Arizona. It was a member owned club since Oct 1, 2009. Then, in 2002 we were told of Rande Gerber’s affinity for co-ed public bathrooms.  One concept “on which (Gerber) won’t budge: the communal bathroom “There’s nothing dirty about it being co-ed,” he says. “It’s another place for men and women to meet.” In 2002 Meldman’s Discovery Land Company purchased The Hideaway in La Quinta, CA.  He also opened the Kukio beach club in Hawaii. Take a look at who lives there. In other news, in March of 2002 R. Christopher Regan  became co-founder and now director of The Chartis Group while Frank Giustra sells most of his Lionsgate shares .


2004 A group of students at Tom Steyer’s alma mater, Yale University, questioned the institution’s involvement with Farallon Capital Management, a firm founded by Steyer, which cites Meldman’s Cordevalle golf course as an investment.  Farallon owns a luxury course that is a habitat for 2 threatened species, the California tiger salamander & the Western pond turtle. Cordevalle agreed to construct ponds to protect the species.  However, in 2002, the Santa Clara County Planning Commission discovered Cordevalle had failed to do so. Tom Steyer is also a big supporter of children through the Clinton Foundation and suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Also in 2004, on Feb 12,  Jim Ritts, the president and CEO of Channel One News (formerly of DEN), “is out.  In a move that shakes the company to its core, Channel One did not offer any explanation or reason for his departure”.

Later that year, Canadian mining magnate and Lionsgate co-founder Frank Giustra created a company to invest in uranium mining called UrAsia Energy Ltd.

2005 Franz Humer, chairman of the Chairman of the Board of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children…  (recognize any Clooney pals here?  Branson, Humer)…

Humer ICMEC 5

joins Diageo as Chairman.

Humer Diageo.jpgThe dark side of the ICMEC network is beyond disturbing…and look who all is involved with it.

In March of 2005, Tom Steyer’s Farallon Capital Management wants out of CordeValle just before Clooney and Gerber attempted their first shot at joint casino ownership in Vegas. The Las Ramblas Resort announced a $2 billion joint project between Centra Properties and The Related Companies. Clooney & Gerber signed on to invest in August 2005 by which time cost had increased to $3 billion.  The Related Companies happens to be owned by Steve Ross who at one time was in the USFL business with Donald Trump.

Then, in June of 2005, Elle Macpherson and Busson separated before Bill Clinton arrived in Kazakhstan on billionaire Ron Burkle’s plane affectionately nicknamed “Air Fuck One” on September 6, 2005.  Then, in a disturbing move, George Clooney popped onto the Channel One set to pitches his newest movie on October 27, 2005 .

In early 2006, Giustra makes a $31.3 million donation to the Clinton Foundation. The donation is kept secret until December 2007. During this year, Meldman’s CordeValle LP is founded as well as the Idaho office of the International Rescue Committee in Idaho for which George and Amal Clooney will later become the UN representatives.

IRC Idaho

Also in 2006 Meldman’s Mountaintop Golf and Lake Club opens (the golf course) in Cashiers, NC, and Tim & Edra Blixseth of Yellowstone Club in Montana partnered with computer software designer Dennis Montgomery to sell software they claimed could recognize patterns and objects hidden in video streams.

On Feb 13, 2006, reef defenders in the Bahamas sue over Meldman’s mega-resort . The  developer sees Baker’s Bay as model for sensitive construction on fragile islands. Amazing how much the billionaire “green” crowd preaches to us about the environment while ruining it for their billionaire golf clubs is just fine, at least for Meldman and Steyer. Two days later, on February 15, it’s back to Vegas when Clooney says on Larry King Live that Las Ramblas would be “the type of place where you dress up to see a show” & he will donate 25% of his profits to African relief.

A little more than a month later, on March 29, 2006 Las Ramblas announced it was no longer accepting reservations.  It was under contract to be purchased by Edge Resorts Group.  Then on April 4, 2006 Brad Pitt (Supposedly) Backed Out on Clooney’s Las Ramblas Resort.  The following month, on May 5, 2006, as Clooney’s casino folded, John Katsilometes talked to The Donald about the rush of buyers for his condos. Finally, on June 4, 2006 the Las Ramblas property was officially sold to Edge Resorts for $202 million; Clooney said he would donate his profits from the sale to African Debt Relief Project. No word if he did or if, as is now the know Democrat way, he donated it to his own charity to launder it back to himself. Construction was to have begun in September of 2006.  Poor George.

On Nov 1, 2006, Rande Gerber was tapped by Giorgio Armani to redevelop his Armani Cafes nationwide and by Donald Trump to transform Trump Parc on Central Park, now Whiskey Park.  In 2007, Whiskey Park was deemed “the triumphant collaboration of two modern day icons: international hotel-bar titan, Rande Gerber and global real estate tycoon, Donald Trump.”

2007 Clooney’s “Enough” project, chaired by John Podesta & housed under George Soros’s Center for American “Progress”, is founded. Damon, Jolie, and Affleck are all members.

Also in 2007, Meldman’s Gozzer Ranch & Lake Club opens in Idaho, George Clooney becomes OMEGA ambassador, and Seth Blixseth attorney Larry Klayman provided WND “evidence of a series of questionable loans/various financing attempts to gain ownership of the Yellowstone Club at prices deeply under market undertaken by Edra Blixseth, beginning in June 2007. The transactions resulted in millions of dollars of defaulted loans.” Meanwhile, Meldman, Ron Burkle, various hedge fund investors and Credit Suisse ended up owning the Yellowstone Club for under $10 million. How Bundy-like convenient.

A somber month, June reminds Clooney of what could have been as Las Ramblas was scheduled to open this month.  July 5, 2017, the Casamigos business partner of “Mr. Environment” Clooney is accused of yet MORE “green” hypocrisy when “The Bahamas National Trust’s decision to accept money from Baker’s Bay is ‘entirely hypocritical,’ and is tantamount to the country’s lead environmental agency ignoring the ‘serious’ environmental concerns raised by the Save Guana Cay Reef Association

In 2008, Google helps launch an NGA spy satellite, the GeoEye-1, into space. Google shares the photographs from the satellite with the US military and intelligence communities.  Don’t forget Clooney is in the spy satellite business, too.  Also in 2008, the Interior Board of Land Appeals hears Cliven Bundy’s appeal of the BLM’s cancellation of his range improvement authorizations and affirms the BLM’s decision. Two other events in 2008 that are notable to future events…On July 17, Carl Ichan, longtime friend of Donald Trump, states, “Obama would be a terrible President”. Then on July 17,  Lionsgate “to allow more clips on YouTube“.  The arrangement was disclosed by Eric Schmidt, chief executive of YouTube parent Google Inc., at a Beverly Hills conference sponsored by trade publication Advertising Age. The merger of Giustra (he will be back) and Schmidt media is complete.

January 21, 2009 President Obama takes office; pledges unprecedented transparency (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA).  Also in 2009, the  “Casamigos” Mexica Villas were finished as “a pair of neighboring beach retreats in Michael Meldman’s El Dorado Golf and Beach Club private gated community. Although similar in sprawl and dramatic, streamlined looks, Casa Clooney and Casa Crawford-Gerber are different enough to suit the residents of each”. Later on that year, on May 9, George Clooney lent support to  Gerber after he was named in a sexual harassment suit filed  by two former employees.

By July of 2009, Tim Blixseth just gave The Yellowstone Club to his ex-wife Edra. She then declared bankruptcy shortly afterward. Byrne’s CrossHarbor bought it out of a Montana bankruptcy court & became owner of the club, with influential investors such as Edra’s boyfriend and Clooney/Clinton pal Ron Burkle,for the bargain basement price of $115 million. Later, in November, The New Life Children’s Refuge (NLCR) was founded by Laura Silsby and Charisa Coulter, who are both members of the Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho. Also during that month, on November 13, Edis Kayalar blackmailed Cindy Crawford with a photograph taken by a nanny during a children’s game at the family home in Los Angeles, according to court papers filed by the FBI

Crawford Kayalar

By 2010, the Obama admin had no reason to keep the mask of “hope and change” on any longer. The media, Hollywood, public education…they had them all on their side. That meant the time to expand the weaponization of federal agencies against his political opponents could expand.  At this time, the admin weaponized the IRS and secretly began “targeting” conservative groups that sought nonprofit tax-exempt status. Another area the admin targeted? Montana and Tim Blixseth.  The Montana Democratic Party backed by Eric Holder & Gov Breuer “targeted” Blixseth with a baseless criminal investigation. A more recent development of a Yellowstone case was a whistleblower who claimed to have been paid $6 million by Blixseth’s former wife to hack into Blixseth’s computers to obtain highly confidential information that she shared with Burkle and DOJ criminal investigators.  In other Meldman news, 2010 saw him expand his 1% resort empire with Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club opening in the Bahama’s and The Madison Club opens in La Quinta, CA.

2010 was also the year of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. On Jan 22 2010, George Clooney hosted the “Hope for Haiti” telethon. Cindy and Rande were there, too!

On that same day, missionaries led by Idaho’s Laura Silsby flew to the Dominican Republic and chartered a bus that had them arrive in Haiti on January 25. On that same day, Haiti-Based WIN Group and  SEACOR Holdings began an emergency project to “restore import capability at Haiti’s major bulk fuels terminal”.  4 days later, on Jan 29, 2010, Laura Silsby was arrested with 9 other American nationals attempting to steal 33 children from Haiti.  On Feb 9, 2010 CNN reported that this was not the first time Silsby had attempted to traffic children out of Haiti. Haitian police, acting on a tip, had intercepted Silsby in an earlier, separate attempt to remove 40 children out of the country. She was turned back at the Haitian border.  That same day, Hillary Clinton intervened politically on her behalf. The Clintons raised a lot of money while many children…and the money…went missing after this disaster. More on that throughout the timeline….

June 15, 2010 George Clooney accepts life membership in the Council on Foreign Relations

On June 16, 2010, Clooney pal Nicole Kidman works with Clooney sponsor Omega to Benefit UNIFEM.  The next month, on July 15, 2010 Meldman’s Spanish Oaks was forced into foreclosure/closed to members. As for “satellites” and “spying”, and internal email dated September 2, 2010 entitled “Obama Leak Investigations” claims “global intelligence company Stratfor claims Obama’s then-Homeland Security adviser John Brennan was targeting journalists.” Remember this when “fakenews” enters the pop culture lexicon. More spying… in October of  2010 The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) was conceived.  It’s intent was to pressure policymakers by urging the public to act. Eric Schmidt’s Google and the Internet strategy firm Trellon, LLC collaborate to design the web platform.

Lionsgate news rounds out the 2010 portion of the timeline. First, on October 9 Carl Icahn’s lawyers claimed there was a  Lionsgate conspiracy against him. It proved true when in December, Frank Giustra returned to Lions Gate Entertainment as member of the board of directors.  On the 14th, Lionsgate shareholders snubbed Carl Icahn.  They elected their own board.  Company founder Frank Giustra was part of the team elected at the annual meeting.  Not two weeks later, on December 29, 2010 an Email from Don R. Kuykendall, President & Chief Financial Officer STRATFOR, shows him asking about a job for DEN’s Jim Ritts at the Paramount Theater in Austin, TX.

Moving into 2011, on January 18, 2011 Yellowstone Club owner Tim Blixseth  alleged his ex-wife “pursued fraudulent dealings with U.S. gov as he attempted to discredit testimony she offered in support of a $40 million judgment against him last year.” A month later, Jared Cohen, founder and director of Google Ideas and an advisor to the executive chairman at Google, Inc., adjunct senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations,a former member of the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff and as a close advisor to both Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton, headed to Gaza, much to the chagrin of Stratfor’s (yes..the same one in the email regarding Jim Ritts) vice-president of counter-terrorism Fred Burton, who seemed opposed to Google’s alleged covert role in “foaming” uprisings.  Burton wrote to a secure email list regarding his apprehension about Cohen’s trip. He said, “The dude is a loose can[n]on. GOOGLE is trying to stop his entry into Gaza now because the dude is like scorched earth. It’s unclear to GOOGLE if he’s driving without a license, but GOOGLE believes he’s on a specific mission of “regime change” on the part of leftist fools inside the WH who are using him for their agendas”

On Februray 22, 2011 David Mueller, a 45-year-old lift attendant of the secluded ski resort Yellowstone Club from Bozeman, died after a fall while skiing on Pioneer Mountain on Thursday.  Six days later, on February 28, 2011  a federal judge denied Blixseth’s request to recuse himself from legal cases surrounding the bankruptcy of the Yellowstone Club.  Blixseth alleged bias on part of U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Ralph Kirscher in Butte.  Blixseth “claims judge & staff had inappropriate communications with Blixseth’s legal adversaries & faced political pressure to rule against Blixseth.” The following month, on March 10, 2011 the original developer reclaims Spanish Oaks out of foreclosure.  While all of Clooney’s politics were helping friends and influencing people, the top Hollywood democrat who leads the cry against “big money in politics” hosted  “Starmaggedon”, a $15 million Obama fundraiser, at his home in Los Angeles on May 22, 2011.

The week of Clooney’s fundraiser, on May 5, 2011 a Wikileaks Global Intelligence Files email from Austin Theater to Robert Reinfrank of Stratfor, the same American geopolitical intelligence platform that referenced Jared Cohen above, introduced Jim Ritts, formerly of DEN and Channel One, as Incoming Director for the Paramount Theater of Austin, TX.  This after a lot of questions about the baggage that came with him.  A little over a month later, on June 23, 2011 5 hour meeting was held between Amal Clooney client Julian Assange, Eric Schmidt, and Jared Cohen, Scott Malcomson, Director of Speechwriting for Ambassador Susan Rice at the US State Department and Communications Director of the International Crisis Group, and Lisa Shields, VP of the CFR. This meeting led Assange to write “Google:  It’s Not What It Seems“.

Assange Google

In Meldman’s world around this time, on July 29, 2011, Rosewood Hotel & Resorts was sold by Rosewood Corp and Maritz, Wolff & Co to Rosewood Hotel Group (formerly New World Hospitality) for $229 million along with five properties that were sold for $570 million. The $800 million deal was arranged by Perkins Coie.  Perkins Coie is “counsel of record for the Democratic National CommitteeDemocratic Leadership Council, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Other political clients include nearly all Democratic members of the United States Congress. It has also represented several presidential campaigns, including those of John KerryBarack Obamaand Hillary Clinton The group’s Political Law practice was for many years headed by Robert Bauer and is now chaired by Marc Elias.

Perkins Coie Russia

A month later, on August 20, 2011 Icahn Finally Ends His Battle with Lions Gate on to have his former Mark Rachesky named Lionsgate Co-Chairman on September 15, 2011.  The final event worth nothing in 2011 happened on October 3 when the Obama administration secretly changed longstanding policy to create a “loophole” that Sen. Ron Wyden would later say allows the NSA to conduct “backdoor searches” of “incidental collection” of U.S. citizens’ domestic communications.

2012 finds Jared Cohen named to the Board of Director of DeNiro’s Tribecca Film Festival.  In other Hollywood news, on January 13, Lions Gate acquires Summit Entertainment for $412.5 million The acquisition will “provide a windfall to Summit’s investors, among them Ebay co-founder Jeff Skoll’s film company Participant Media and private equity fund operator Suhail Rizvi’s Rizvi Traverse Management.

Summit’s investors previously received a $200-million dividend as part of a recapitalization in early 2011.” Participant Media and Jeff Skoll have close ties to Soros and Media Matters.  Clooney was Participant Media’s primary star early on with politically charged films like “Syriana”.  Rizvi comes up again later.

On Feb 7, 2012 Meldman’s CordeValle resort hosted its first “Solve for X” event for Google. Eric Schmidt & Sergey Brin were in attendance before “Stratfor Leaks: Google Ideas Director Involved in ‘Regime Change’ ” is noted on March 4, 2012.  By May of 2012, Diana Jenkins’ ex,  Roger Jenkins, had embarked on a short fling with Elle Macpherson.  

Tragedy then struck on August 4, 2012 when a “NY teenager out for a late-night drive in an all-terrain vehicle was charged with negligent vehicular homicide under the influence of alcohol after a crash that killed his passenger at the luxury Yellowstone Club resort in Montana”.   Several days later, on August 8, 2012  SEACOR Holdings Inc.—where the boy’s father, Christopher Regan, has served as a board member since 2005, according to Reuters and which helped in Haiti—expressed “deep sorrow” over the teen’s death. Police said Regan was the passenger on the vehicle at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Mont., when the driver failed to negotiate a turn.  A few months later, on November 22, 2012 “One American was killed and as many as four people were injured after a helicopter crashed near Meldman’s Baker’s Bay Golf and Ocean Club.” One of the survivors was Jeffrey Soffer. 

November 6, 2012  Obama wins re-election


2013 Casamigos founded “by accident”

2013 Ted Hartley, husband of Dina Merrill, the woman who sold Mar-A-Largo to Trump, was appointed chairman of the board of Orbis International, which merged with OMEGA in 2011.  Cindy Crawford is a spokesperson for OMEGA and will become one for Orbis. Then in 2013, mega-resort community Discovery Land Company (Meldman) bought in and took the lead on

as it roared back to life …Something that continues to trouble locals about Silo Ridge is its attempt to appropriate the aesthetic and character of the Hudson Valley without participating in the community that crafted that style in the first place.” This will turn into yet another Meldman resort that uses political influence to have lawsuits quashed and environmental laws overlooked.

In what will become a major point of possible political espionage, on January 7, 2013 Google’s Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen and Gov Bill Richardson of NM visited North Korea China, and Burma.  It was said they “might be conducting, in one way or another, ‘back-channel diplomacy’ for Washington”. Later, in March, 2013 Elle Macpherson and Jeffrey Soffer get engaged, and on March 12, 2013, the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified to Congress, falsely stating that intelligence officials were not collecting mass data on tens of millions of Americans.

Assange claimed Schmidt & Cohen made “…many bold assertions…in their book…“The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business”….Google is steadily becoming the internet for many people. Its influence on the choices and behavior of the totality of individual human beings translates to real power to influence the course of history”.  In addition, a secret gov memo exposed by NSA’s Snowden discussed how the U.S. was collecting information “directly from the servers of …Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple.”

Schmidt Cohen New Digital Age

Then on April 26, 2013 Ana Tamayo filed a discrimination suit against CordeValle Golf Club LLC & CordeValle L.P. while on May 2, 2013 in a letter addressed to the U.S. DOJ states that Burkle, Byrne and Schweitzer funneled more than $1.2 million through the Democratic Governor’s Association in 2008 to the Montana Democratic Party for the benefit of Schwitzer’s re-election campaign a week before, on May 10, 2013 after longstanding denials, the IRS admitted to and apologized for targeting Republican Tea Party groups for mischief, which included discussing developing pretenses for prosecution, leading up to the 2012 election.

Then came the few days in London when the Clooney marriage was arranged.  On May 26, 2013, George Clooney dined at Loulou’s in London with “friends” including former flame Monika Jakisic, and then two days later on May 28, 2013 Assange attorney Amal Alamuddin organized the launch for Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen’s book “The New Digital Age” also held at Loulou’s in London.

Then summer brought several developments. First in June of 2013, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden begins releasing documents showing extensive efforts by the government to surveil and collect information on U.S. citizens.  Snowden is charged with three felonies in his absence from the U.S. Then in

Macpherson Soffer wed

Elle Macpherson and Jeffrey Soffer wed followed by more Blixseth news.  On July 10, 2013 Judge Bruce A. Markell dismissed a bankruptcy judgment against real estate developer Tim Blixseth….”Allegations of fraud against Attorney General Eric Holder, other top Justice officials, several prominent Dem operatives – including a major contributor to Hillary Clinton – and Credit Suisse Bank had been re-ignited by this judge’s decision” that also apparently derailed the U.S. Senate bid of a former Dem governor when on July 13, 2013 it was announced that the Democrats lost their top Senate candidate in Montana, former Gov. Brian Schweitzer, which added to their 2014 challenge to keep the chamber.

The following month, on August 2, 2013 Clooney ranted against Third Point’s Dan Loeb. Clooney’s Smokehouse Pictures production company has a contract with Sony’s entertainment division.  He publicly opposed Loeb’s proposal to split Sony‘s entertainment and electronics businesses, arguing that such a split would increase profits. He said, “[Loeb] calls himself an activist investor, and I would call him a carpet bagger, and one who is trying to spread a climate of fear that pushes studios to want to make only tent poles” . Less than two weeks later, on August 13, 2013 Pope Francis started the Scholas Occurrentes, which the Clooneys would join during their “refugee movement” later.  Approximately two weeks after that, on August 29, 2013 Clooney arrived in Cipriani to promote Gravity during the Venice Film Festival wearing a T-shirt advertising his Casamigos Tequila.  Podesta pal Marina Abramovic attended the premiere.


In the fall, on September 26, 2013 Eric Schmidt of Google attended the “Pulse of Today’s Global Economy” panel talk at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York. The next day, People magazine was given a story to publish about George seemingly laundering $14 million to his pals and paying their taxes that year in order to remind the world he’s a “great guy”. Keep in mind several of these “pals” like Rande Gerber were already millionaires. Later, November 8, 2013 was deemed a Big Pay Day for Twitter Investor Suhail Rizvi  Sources told CNBC that “Rizvi…has sold its equity stake in talent agency ICM, and in “Twilight” producer Summit Entertainment, which sold to Lionsgate.”  Rizvi’s biggest individual client is Prince Waleed Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia who invested $300 million pre-IPO in Twitter through Traverse.

To wrap up the year, first on Dec 10, 2013 it was announced that “ATC MAKENA HOLDINGS, LLC (made up of NY based real estate investment firm and fund manager AREA Property Partners, Honolulu-based hotel investor and operator Trinity Investments LLC and developer Stanford Carr’s Honolulu-based Stanford Carr Development) is partnering with Discovery Land Co. request a Special Management Area Use Permit for the proposed Makena Resort H-M Project, the redevelopment of the Makena Beach & Golf Resort property into a new resort”.  A week later, on December 10, 2013 Dasha Valdez, wife of Soffer’s best friend Lance Valdez, filed a lawsuit  alleging Soffer was responsible for Valdez’s death in a helicopter crash in the Bahamas at Meldman’s resort the prior year. The year rounded out on New Year’s Eve with a “soft opening” for Meldman’s Chileno Bay Golf & Beach Club in Cabo.

2014.  Clooney/Alamuddin relationship goes public culminating with the three day wedding extravaganza in Italy in September.  February 5, 2014 Trump pal Steve Schwartzman, Jeff Koons, on the board of directors for the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, & Sprit Cooker Marina Abramovic attend the Monuments Men premiere at the Zeigfeld.  On February 25, 2014 Amal Alamuddin attends the White House premier of the Monuments Men as an unregistered guest.  By April, the press started to investigate Amal Alamuddin’s connection to Julian Assange .

April 2014 the engagement is announced.  The ‘ethically mined diamond” became all the rage.

Never an issue in his decades long career prior to Amal entering the picture, on June 25, 2014 Clooney was granted two new protection laws for his formerly John Kerry owned lakefront villa in Lake Como Italy, ahead of the wedding. Meanwhile, on August 4, 2014 Lionsgate paid a $7.5 million settlement in Carl Icahn Takeover fallout.  Then the weekend circus in Venice to celebrate the end of bachelorhood for Clooney who, by all accounts, was grounded by the greatest human rights attorney of all time even though no one had ever heard of her.

September 27, 2013 was the big day.  While hotel staff were obliged to sign a nondisclosure agreement, several details did leak of the grand ceremony. “Privacy”, it seemed, was a main concern to the Clooneys. They were worried about “hackers” and “leakers”.  Seems almost laughable what with their satellites spying on the world, some in conjunction with Imran Awan’s mother-in-law, their eventual close dealings with Eric Schmidt and Google, and Amal having Julian Assange as a client.  In any event, the Casamigos and Enough Project crews were represented.  Not a whole lot of famous others.

The next month, an October 10, 2014 headline read Welcome to Sonning, Mr & Mrs Clooney The Clooneys set up shop in the U.K. It is supposedly where she works.  It had also overtaken NYC as the top financial center in the world.  Therefore, many of the world’s top political and economic players own homes and have professional entities based there. The average price of a property in the exclusive, private area of Sonning where the Clooneys live run from “1.04 – $2.3 million” with a few larger properties that go for a bit more. The Clooney property is one…for $16 million.  Prime Minister May and Led Zepplin guitarist Jimmy Page live there.  This becomes important in the next piece on pedophilia and trafficking.

In 2015, Clinton pal and Haiti child trafficker Laura Silsby returned to Idaho, married and took the name Gayler. She is currently employed by software company AlertSense as their VP of Marketing. AlertSense works with Fed Gov on FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS). One of IPAWS functions is to issue Amber Alerts during kidnapping events.  On Feb 10 2015 a select group of Omega clients were invited to NYC to attend a screening of Omega’s new Film “Hospital in the Sky” featuring the Orbis Foundation and Omega Ambassador Cindy Crawford. This initiative is chaired by former Mar-A-Lago’s owner Dina Merrill’s husband, Ted Hartley.

As we see all of the seemingly random events over the last decade or so slowly come together up until now, their merging seems to take off at rapid speed. It is now only a little over 18 months until Hillary Clinton’s coronation. March of 2015 is where it all starts to get interesting.

Clooney Aurora 8

On March 10, 2015 the Clooneys launch their the “100 LIVES” initiative at a launch party in New York City.  “The Aurora Prize” is the vision of Vartan GregorianNoubar Afeyan and Ruben Vardanyan; this board of directors is a who’s who of the Clinton/Giustra Foundation Uranium One/Podesta Joule/Skolkovo deals.

Afeyan and Vardanyan’s bios for Joule as well as a Podesta email from Wikileaks to John from Afeyan:

Then a few days later, on March 15, 2015 Trump announced and exploratory committee for a 2016 Presidential Bid

Then, on March 27, 2015 George and Amal Clooney “hold hands after having dinner at Tina Brown and Sir Harold Evans’s Sutton Place residence in New York City.  George can be seen holding Evan’s book “American Century”. ”  Switching gears, on April 6, 2015 Cliven Bundy’s son Dave is arrested by federal agents along state Route 170 and cited for misdemeanor refusing to disperse and resisting arrest. He is jailed then released the next day.  Then back to Clooney’s pal Obama whose admin on April 15, 2015, it was reported, “Consolidates SigInt/ComInt Surveillance of Trump Campaign”. Meanwhile, in Montana, Obama reappointed bankruptcy Judge Kirscher to a second term. The great “humanitarians” then gather to sit with “normal folk” at RED “humanitarian” pal Bono’s concert in LA on May 31 just before Clooney’s op-ed in the NY Times pushed for the rest of us to “fair share” our wealth to his “humanitarian” projects in “Africa” via the UN.

June 16, 2015 Trump Announces Candidacy for President

Trump Pres Announcement

Then, on July 2, 2015  Blixseth of Meldman’s Yellowstone Club will stay in jail until Obama’s re-appointed federal judge is satisfied that he understands what happened to the money from a Mexican resort sold in violation of a court order. As Blixseth sits in prison, we eventually discover that in August the Obama Admin “Commences Regular Intel Reporting on Trump Campaign”.  While Meldman’s foe is in prison, all three members of the Casamigos crew head to Ibiza on Aug 23, 2015 with their significant others for the Spanish launch of their tequila .

Casamigos Ibiza

While they’re in Ibiza, Hillary ” Hillary Clinton Returning to L.A. for (Lionsgate Motion Picture Group co-chairman) Rob Friedman-Hosted Fundraiser ” on August 25.

In September of 2015, Clooney announces his latest spying endeavorThe Sentry .  The Sentry is “a team of policy analysts, regional experts, and financial forensic investigators that follows the money in order to create consequences for those funding and profiting from genocide or other mass atrocities in Africa, and to build leverage for peace”.  Follow the money, alright.  The most notable individuals involved in this project besides Clooney are the aforementioned Ruben Vardanyan, Frank Giustra, and Hans Zimmer.  The most notable foundations that “help” are two of Clooneys (Not On Our Watch and the Aurora Prize) and the Carnegie Corporation, which is led by the aforementioned Vartan Gregorian.  Finally, there is Sir Tom Hunter, who heads the Scottish version of the Clinton Foundation called, understandably, the Hunter Foundation which, in fact, teamed up with the Clinton Foundation in Africa to ‘help” the less fortunate…much like the Clinton Foundation did, it seems. The address for The Sentry? Same as the Center for American “Progress”:

The Sentry, C/O Enough Project, Center for American Progress, 1333 H Street NW 10th Floor
Washington, District of Columbia ,  DC  20005

The next month, with Franz Humer, chairman of Diageo at this time, already on Clooney’s “The Sentry” project, on October 6, 2015 Clooney, Crawford and Gerber Launch Casamigos in London.  Later we will find that Humer’s Diageo is the company which eventually purchases Casamigos for a billion dollars.

Later that month, on October 20, 2015, Amal Clooney & Jared Genser write an op-ed demanding Obama pass the “Global Magnitsky Act” to help with Nasheed’s case in the Maldives.  This act becomes the central focus of the meeting in 2017 between Donald Trump Jr and Russian agents used in the “collusion” efforts to impeach Trump. Putin’s response to this act has been to ban Americans from adopting Russian children.

MagnitskyOn November 12, 2015 George Clooney’s Tequila Company Denies Mexican Distillery is a Sweatshop   This was just a few days before, on November 15, 2015 that Fusion GPS “Leverages Local (DC & MD) Russian ‘Contacts’ (spies) to Find Derogatory Information on Trump Campaign Personnel Creating Significant Gossip and Chatter Picked Up by Obama Admin Surveillance Team ” 2 days later, November 17, 2015 Frank Giustra is said to be “Helping Refugees in Lesbos, Greece” 

Rounding out 2015, Omega celebrated it’s 20 year partnership with Cindy Crawford on December 1, and Clooney’s “100 Lives Initiative” announced the “Amal Clooney Scholarship” on December 16th.

Kicking off the new year, Amal showed up for pics in Washington D.C with her colleague Jared Genser as he dropped off a list “provided to the U.S. government for sanctions targets (which) is clear and detailed, based on independent reporting of NGOs and media.” Across the country, on January 26, a protestor was shot dead and “eight others arrested, including the Bundy brothers. Police then surrounded the refuge, and Ammon Bundy issues a statement through his attorney calling for the remaining militants to stand down and go home.”  Many similarities between the Bundy ranch situation and the Tim Blixseth/Mike Meldman resort case exist. They will become clearer in a bit.


In February, the Clooneys are appointed King and Queen of the manufactured (Syria) “refugee” crisis. On February 12, 2016, they spoke to Syrian refugees in meeting with Soros’s International Rescue Committee headed by David Miliband after meeting with Angela Merkel earlier in the day to discuss Germany’s support for “refugees”.


Meanwhile back in Montana, on Feb 16, 2016 U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Ralph Kirscher announced his abrupt retirement. Five days later, emails showed Democrat Governor Bullock’s office quietly influenced ‘dark money’ rules.

March marked some more big money projects for Meldman’s 1% pals.  On March 9, 2016 the $500 million Silo Ridge project breaks ground in NY. Then, on March 31, 2016, “Discovery Land Co. said Thursday that the $300 million redevelopment of the Makena Golf & Beach Club will create 400 new construction jobs, and that about 20 percent of the 385 employees who will be affected by the hotel’s closure will remain at the resort to assist with operations….The company plans to begin construction shortly after the resort closes July 1. The project will take approximately two to three years to complete, Divita said.” Not bad for a “frat boy”.  In other news this month, on March 16, 2016 Clooney’s “Enough” project chairman John Podesta Email Account was hacked using a common phishing scam which was easy since his password was “password”.

April is a very busy month for the corrupt Casamigos clan. First, on April 7th, Harry Reid (D-NV) attacks the Bundys from the Senate floor. He calls for Gold Butte “protection”. Then on April 9th, Amal returns to the Hill to get Congressional “help” on Nasheed’s case in the Maldives from Senators John McCain and Patrick Leahy. This was two days before Franz Humer stepped down as Diageo’s chairman.  4 days later it is announced that Clooney and Gerber sold their “Twin Mexican Mansions” neighboring beach retreats in Michael Meldman’s El Dorado gated community for $100 million.  Why? Restlessness, they say. To whom? A “Mexican billionaire”who has yet to be identified.

That same day, on April 15th, the Clooneys hold the first of two mutli-million dollar fundraisers for the Hillary Victory Fund. George justifies away the $343,000/couple pricetag since the funds are used for “down ticket democrats”.  We discover later that it really was a money laundering scheme to Clinton and the DNC as the Fund is currently under FEC investigation. The next day, as the Clooneys hold another 1% illegal elitist shakedown for Hillary in San Francisco with Shervin Pishevar , former Department of Defense Officials provide the Clinton campaign with summaries of the Obama Administration’s Intelligence Reports on the Trump Campaign.

On April 24, George attends the Aurora Dialogues in Armenia with Carnegie Foundation Islamic Trojan Horse in the American Public Education System Vartan Gregorian and Podesta/Clinton Russian pals Ruben Vardanyan and Noubar Afeyan. The following day, Amal Clooney feels the need to tell the world that she knows what American values are when she gives a television interview stating Trump doesn’t represent them.

In May, we see several pieces of the puzzle come together. First, the “humanitarian refugee” organization with which the Clooneys work, the International Rescue Committee, led by David Miliband’s, gets caught up in a corruption probe.  The next day at the Cannes Film Festival, Clooney declares “There’s not gonna be a President Trump….Not Gonna Happen”. With the election rigging he knew was happening against Bernie Sanders and the superdelegates and the intelligence to which he had access, this seemed a pretty safe bet.

The end of May, on the 24th, Amal Clooney & Eric Schmidt of Google appeared at Google Zietgeist’s “Leaders of our Time”.  Google becomes a primary player in the Clooney’s “refugee” experiment. Schmidt also comes to play a primary role in attempting to get Hillary Clinton elected before becoming a Trump target after the election. The following week, on May 30, 2016 Cindy Crawford ex Richard Gere, Clooney co-star and Weinstein favorite Salma Hayek, & the Clooneys meet the Pope regarding “education” especially of “refugee children”.

Just as it seemed the Clooneys were ready to assume their position as top mouthpieces for the UN global governing body as population redistributors/human traffickers, SCOTUS provided a setback when in June of 2016, the high court split on Obama’s amnesty, sending it back to the lower court’s decision rendering it null.  June 16th the Fusion GPS dossier confirmed a DNC insider leak of information to Wikileaks, NOT Russia. On the same day, the James Comey led FBI were provided with an  In-Progress Version of the Dossier and were tipped-off “Regarding the Existence of the Obama Admin Intel Reports on the Trump Campaign and Commences Counter-Intel Investigation”.  The 17th, Missoula, MT announces it’s on the verge of opening an IRC office.



Amal Clooney’s pal Prime Minister David Cameron allowed the vote thinking it would be defeated soundly, thus solidifying the U.K.’s role in the E.U. It never occurred to them the citizens would vote for sovereignty over globalism.

June 27 Attorney General Loretta Lynch meets in secret with former President Bill Clinton.  The meeting, caught by a rogue reporter, forces Lynch to step away from the Clinton probe. Meanwhile, back in Montana, on June 28th, Tim Blixseth “filed a sweeping freedom of information request with Gov. Steve Bullock’s office Monday, seeking correspondence between Bullock with six other people, including former Gov. Brian Schweitzer, and employees of the governor’s office, Department of Environmental Quality and Attorney General’s office.”

July 2016 Trump wins Republican nomination for President

Trump nominee

On July 5, 2016 FBI Director James Comey said Clinton’s handling of classified information was “extremely careless” but gave a news conference to announce that the FBI would not be recommending charges against her. The next day, on July 6, 2016 AG Lynch accepted the FBI’s recommendation not to charge Clinton with, among other things, deleting 33,000 emails.

Meanwhile, in “refugee” news, Frank Giustra opens a refugee housing facility in Greece on July 25, three days before the IRC announces it’s Missoula, MT office is up and running.

The month ends with two big democrat get togethers…in Italy.  On July 31, Nancy Pelosi flies to Italy with a bunch of prominent democrats and Archbishop Silvano Tomasito to discuss the “refugee crisis” the same day the Clooneys host a “Darfur fundraiser” in Italy.  Keep in mind anything related to Clooney’s “Enough Project” is chaired by John Podesta and housed under George Soros’s Center for American “Progress”.

In August, in Missoula, MT, a four hour drive from Meldman’s Yellowstone Club, the first of the refugees invited by the Missoula County Commissioners, approved by the Department of State, and managed by the International Rescue Committee and a local group called Soft Landing Missoula, arrived in the state. Outside of Missoula County and Democratic Governor Steve Bullock, there is strong opposition to the resettlement of refugees in the state.  While Clooney’s refugees are being resettled in Middle American to the consternation of the local citizens, Meldman and friends hole an “All Day Party” at his exclusive 1% “kid friendly” Silo Ridge Field Club located in Amenia, NY 2 hours north of NYC.  10 days later, we get a “gossip blind” reveal that those aforementioned “best pal bags of cash” are actually payoffs by Clooney for his sexual escapades with underage participants.

Reverting back to Clooney politics, on August 8th, the FBI Denied Access to Investigate DNC Server Breach as CrowdStrike was Hired to Cover-up the DNC Insider Breach and Placed Blame on the Russian Federation.

Aug 18, 2016 Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Garner hosts a fundraiser for the Democratic nominee for president Hillary R. Clinton campaign Thursday at the home of Benjamin and Penelope Pierce from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Thursday Montana; Garner & husband Ben Affleck, who is a member of Clooney’s “Enough” project, own a place in Meldman’s Yellowstone Club

Aug 23, 2016 Lake Como, Italy the Latest Migrant Frontline

Fall Meldman’s Chileno Bay Golf & Beach Club is re-launched; seems to have plenty of room for Clooney’s migrants

Sept 1, 2016  Back in May, we learned Montana’s Democrat Governor Steve Bullock was using private email to conduct state business – in the style of Hillary Clinton – in a direct attempt to shield his communications from the public. Now, Bullock is facing further criticism, after it was revealed Bullock destroyed official state emails, possibly illegally.

Bullock delete emails

Sept 12, 2016  George Clooney Soros’s project “The Sentry” chastises Australia

Sept 14, 2016 Icahn Says Trump Better for Economy Than Clinton

 Sept 16, 2016 Orbis Briefs FBI (Comey/McCabe) on Trump Opposition Research

Sept 16, 2016 Amal Clooney Visits Serres (refugee) Hotspot in Greece

Sept 20, 2016 George and Amal Clooney Headline Obama’s Refugee Efforts at U.N.Actor George Clooney and wife, Amal Clooney, a high-powered international lawyer and human rights activist, joined the leadership of several governments and more than 50 U.S companies in pledging to do more to stem the international refugee crisis.

The White House announced Tuesday morning that 51 companies – including AirBNB, Citigroup, Facebook, Twitter, SAP and Uber (remember these companies later when CEOs start resigning once Trump is elected) – had raised more $650 million in refugee aid.

Hedge fund billionaire George Soros alone is pledging up to $500 million.

“I hope my commitment will inspire other investors to pursue the same mission,” Soros wrote in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.”

Sept 26, 2016 It’s not publicly known at the time, but the government makes a proposal to the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) court to allow the National Counter Terrorism Center to access “unmasked” intel on Americans acquired by the FBI and NSA based on a Sept 23 meeting between Yahoo’s Michael Isikoff and Christopher Steele. (The Court later approves as “appropriate”.)Spying FISA proposal

Oct 16, 2016 Podesta Emails Provided to WikiLeaks for Further Distribution

Oct 24, 2016 Has Amal gone off Assange due to Hillary?

Nov 2016 Bullock narrowly defeated Gianforte, 50 percent to 46 percent and retained his job as governor, one of the few bright spots around the country for Democrats in the November elections.


Nov 1, 2016 Amal pal John McCain is provided copy of dossier after tip from MI6 UK contact.

Nov 8, 2016 President Trump is Elected President of the United States

Trump wins

The timing of the Casamigos crew’s professional steps from here on out are suspect at best.

Nov 15, 2016 Cindy Crawford seeks $60M for Malibu beach pad (eventually knock off $10 million)

Cindy Malibu $50 million

Nov 17, 2016 The attacks begin…..Amal Clooney:  Trump Proposals are “Violations of International Human Rights Law” His proposal is simply, for now, to enforce our immigration laws. Obama did not in order for the “refugees” to flow thus setting up their UN program with a billion dollar pricetag.

Amal Clooney Trump Xenophobic

Nov 18, 2016 McCain & David Kramer are told about existence of dossier by an associate of Steele’s, former British diplomat Sir Andrew Wood. Steele forwards a copy of the dossier to Fusion, Kramer and McCain

Nov 28, 2016 — David Kramer, a McCain associate, flies to London to meet with Steele. They arrange for McCain to be provided copies of the dossier.

Dec 8, 2016 Johnny Depp, Will Smith, George Clooney on ‘overpaid’ Forbes list

Dec 16, 2016 McCain Delivers Dossier Copy to Congress Intel Gang of Eight & FBI (Comey)

Trump McCain Dossier

Dec 16, 2016 Leading GOP/DNC Senators Float Idea of Inauguration Suspension to Obama Administration Pending Completion of FBI Counter-Intelligence Investigation. They are Unaware the Source of the Dossier was Enhanced with Illegal Obama Admin Intel Reporting on Trump Campaign

Trump Inauguration Suspended

Dec 16, 2016 Meldham’s Discovery Land Company enters into a partnership with Loeb’s Third Point to further develop Playa Grande Club & Reserve in the Dominican Republic.  Remember Dan Loeb? Clooney had a meltdown about him when he bought up a bunch of Sony shares? He will haunt Clooney in 2017, too.

Jan 6, 2017 Comey and other intelligence community officials brief then-President-elect Trump on some of the allegations made in the dossier.

Trump briefed by Comey

Jan 12, 2017 The Obama administration finalizes new rules allowing the National Security Agency (NSA) to spread certain intelligence to 16 other U.S. intel agencies without the normal privacy protections.

Obama unmaskin

Jan 17, 2017 President Trump is Inaugurated

Trump inaugurated

Jan 17, 2017 Amal and George Clooney Step Out in Davos as She’s Honored for Human Rights Work; Matt Damon & George Soros attend as well. Primary focus? Getting rid of/dealing with Trump.

Jan 17, 2017 Rande’s former boss & mentor, Ian Schrager, gets a “full, complete and unconditional Presidential Pardon from President Barack Obama” for tax evasion, obstruction of justice and conspiracy

Schrager pardoned

Jan 25, 2017 Tech Figure In Dot-Com Child Sex Scandal (Brock Pierce/DEN) Was A Clinton Global Initiative Member

Jan 28, 2017 Arrive in LA then are seen at dinner at Craig’s in LA—notice now how the Clooney/Casamigos travels revolve around the doings of the Trump administration takedown of the Obama/Clinton/McCain/Soros cabal.  Starts with their beloved “refugee” replacement population because also on this day….

Jan 28, 2017 President Trump Friday signed an executive order suspending the State Department’s Refugee Assistance Program and visa entry from Iraq, Syria and five other countries, saying they are “detrimental to the interests of the United States.”

Trump travel ban eo Jan 28 2017

Jan 31, 2017 Montana bankruptcy Judge Kirscher retires unexpectedly one year after being reappointed by Obama


***This rabbit hole from here on out gets deeper every day with more revelations tying the Clooney/Casamigos unit to the Clinton/DNC/Russian collusion to undermine not only a US election but a sitting US President.  There’s also the child trafficking/pedophilia angle that I’m trying to avoid here…saving for another post.  Therefore, this one will be updated almost daily as time allows and as news breaks.  Amal’s co-hosting the Met Gala in February and George will be Letterman’s anti-Trump guest in Febraury on Netflix, so hopefully I’ll get it to at least post-inauguration before then**


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